Pepsi in plant-based plastic bottle

Posted: March 17, 2011 in environment

Some gree initiatives might be better tha none, but from a health driven mass uprising against the whole cola industry might be the best remedy for the environment.

Green Initiative of the Day: PepsiCo's Plant-Based Bottles


Green Initiative of the Day: It was announced yesterday that PepsiCo will soon begin manufacturing an environmentally-friendly bottle composed entirely of plant material — this despite Coca-Cola Co.’s recent assertion that it would be years before a 100% plant-based bottle could be produced.

Materials used include switch grass, pine bark, and corn husks. PepsiCo plans to eventually begin incorporating organic leftovers from its food business.

According to PepsiCo senior VP of advanced research Rocco Papalia, the way the new PET bottles feel and protect their contents is indistinguishable from their plastic siblings. “We’ve cracked the code,” he is quoted as saying. “It’s a beautiful thing to behold.”

[The Daily What.]


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