Cerco, the company you should know but never heard about

Posted: April 21, 2011 in civilisation?, society
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Detention centres for asylum seekers are bad; badly run detention centres are even worse. Who runs all detention centres in Australia? Cerco. Who is Cerco? Find out some astonishing facts …

Produced by the forever excellent Hungry Beast gang.

  1. ian pountney says:

    why dont you look at how many iraqis are killed by other retarted iraqis same as afganistan the only ones doing the killing are their own backward primitive retarted people your right we shouldnt be in their shit hole of a country they should be left to their own devices and to hopefully wipe themselves and all rest of their kind out and if we stopped letting these coniving demanding lazy pararsites into our country tax payers wouldnt have to fund these detention centres would they and i for one and most people agree with me dont give a rats arse about any of them

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