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Nice video edit – unfortunately the Sesame production team wouldn’t dare going into this territory.

– Liquid Stranger – Destroy Robots (g’iz-roc remix)
– Benny Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex Remix) (Renger’s Bootleg Edit)


James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

Posted: February 5, 2011 in creativity

James Blake is quite an amazing guy – he’s apparently only 18 or 19 years old, a classically trained musician and dubstep producer. And this video work is awesome. Here’s the Allmusic blurb on him:

Influenced by the likes of D’Angelo and Stevie Wonder along withBurial and Mount KimbieJames Blake is known for injecting some soul into the genre of dubstep. The London-based producer first gave the world a taste of his quirky, R&B-sampling strain of dubstep in 2009 when his Air & Lack Thereof 12” appeared on the Hemlock label. Blake received quite the endorsement when the heralded Soul Jazz label picked the track up for their Steppas’ Delight 2 compilation that same year. Blake raised his profile every few months during 2010 — something of a breakout year for him — with a succession of warmly received 12″ releases: The Bells Sketch(Hessle Audio, March), CMYK (R&S, June), Klavierwerke (R&S, October), and the single-sided “Limit to Your Love” (Atlas, November). The last of the series — a cover of a song by Feist, in which Blake‘s heartfelt vocal was placed front and center — served as a precursor to his first full-length, issued the following February.

Unfortunately for copyright reasons the above video redirects to Youtube, which is unfortunate but worthwhile nevertheless. And not as an alternative but complementing the clip above, here’s another version of the same song; a BBC live recording.

Pretty Lights – A hot DJ in the making

Posted: December 28, 2010 in creativity

Just downloaded a whole collection of Pretty Light’s albums, including the latest (“Glowing In The Darkest Night“) from his website. Pretty lights is actually Derek Vincent Smith, a DJ with quite amazing skills who weaves masterpieces of downtempo-hip hop-electronica, sometimes with blues, jazz and soul undertones. But rather than struggling for words, I’d like to use Kyle’s at Aurgasm describing his earlier albums:

Organic, soulful, electronified and good-feeling vibes, freely shared by Colorado producer Derek Vincent Smith. [Several] hours of this Pretty Lights sound [are] available for free on his website [although a donation can be made and is more than deserved]. It’s a vivid collage of continuity, enriched with robust beats, eloquently laced vocal samples that range from nostalgic to serene, both compelling and entertaining, with a diverse selection of instruments all aimed towards enjoyment.

Glowing In The Darkest Night is moving away away from chill and downtempo with its funky soul hip hop and its distorting vocals, glitchy sounds, hard hitting snares, soul searching piano riffs and rocking beats. It’s a melting pot of sounds and styles – and I haven’t even listended to this year’s two other EP’s yet that with this latest creation form part of a trilogy. Certainly looking forward to it :).

Here are some reviews to get more impressions:

Circle Pit – Another Trick

Posted: December 14, 2010 in creativity
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It’s like early 1990 Grunge all over: Sydney’s Circle Pit with their first single ‘Another Trick’ from their album ‘Bruise Constellation’. Filmed in Sydney, Australia and Hamburg, Germany – two great cities I relate to well :).

The second clip is called ‘FTW fashion shoot’, directed by Oliver Heath. Same Sydney grunge culture and feat Kirin J Callinan of ‘Mines Tonite‘ fame.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

The REAL News Network in its series of Chuck D interviewing political activist DJs is following up its first part by having Chuck D talking to another forming member of Public Enemy, Johnny Juice, on Hip Hop creating myths – from the elevation of rappers over DJs to glorifying hate as a sign of strength. And the big question they pose: is rap getting less and less relevant in today’s world?

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Another LaVaonne track, this time on domestic violence in lesbian relationships. California native Mélange LaVonne, is an outspoken, openly lesbian hip-hop activist and artist.

Presented by POWER UP.

It’s been around for a couple of years and had 114,086 views so far, but it can’t be watched often enough: a song by Mélange Lavonne against gay bashing and Christian hate-filled homophobia. Fictional character Kevin, Mélange’s friend, becomes a victim of a hate crime. Mélange’s confronts those including the “Church” who condemned him and his lifestyle.

Directed by Little Red Pictures.

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