Ginipic makes finding images a breeze – especially for bloggers

Posted: February 25, 2009 in science & technology
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Lifehacker had a post today on a great little program called Ginipic. It searches for images across the net as well as local folders, which makes finding an image for a blog post a breeze. After entering your search term, Ginipic combs its sources including Flickr, Google Images, Picasa, LiveSearch, Yahoo!, SmugMug, Photobucket, deviantART, Stockexpert, Fotolia, Dreamstime and even Facebook, which is a lot more comprehensive than just using Google images (which is what I so far have mainly done) and much more efficient than having to do searches at those individual sites.

Once installed, the application docks to the side of your screen, though it can also be used as a normal window. The found images are presented as thumbnails in columns; clicking on any of them will open the chosen image enlarged in a separate small window where a mouse-over provides additional information such as image title, file size, dimensions and source url. The window also allows for the image to be saved, tagged, shared, or emailed; there is also a button to convert a chosen image into your desktop background. There is no need to click on an image to save it in its original size nor do you have to reduce the original size once you saved the image: Ginipic offers you different size choices before saving the image. Selecting a specific image source will also enable advanced options in the search drop-down, so you can search using Google\’s advanced operators, for instance.

Ginipic is a free download for Windows, requires the .NET 3.5 SP1 Framework. (If you simply want to find wallpaper, check out the best places to find multi-monitor wallpaper or find wallpaper by using Google\’s exact dimension search).

Click here to download Ginipic.

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