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Roller Babies

Posted: July 11, 2009 in creativity
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4 million views in 12 days – not surprising. having just read an article on memristors, i strongly suggest to leave instructions in your synapses that there’s no need to buy evian ;). sound: “rapper’s delight” by dan the automator.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Little Red Riding Hood, the Animated …“, posted with vodpod

What a great way by Tomas Nilsson, a graphic design student from Linköping University, to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood with animated infographics. The video was inspired by Röyksopp‘s ‘Remind Me’. And the sometimes quite funnily place graphics cover topics from grandma’s nutritional value to the aerodynamics of the traveling bus – very well done!

Via Flowing Data

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A small clip from Animals are beautiful people. Directed and written by Jamie Uys. He made this before The Gods Must be Crazy. A funny anthropocentric view of the relationship between the marula tree and the animal kingdom.  I found it on my mate Harry’s Facebook site under the rubric “been there, done that”.

Animated Head Titles for the theatre piece “Fernet Branca”, about a man obsessed by women.

Hans Hemmert

Posted: April 7, 2008 in creativity
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Inges Idee (Art in public space) features amongst other artists German born Hans Hemmert – latex, drawings, videoart and photography artist. Visit his pages to journey through some really interesting works ranging from the slightly funny and bizzre to the dramatic. And include checking his short video clips, like #2 and #8.

For more background info on Hemmert click here


“Samstag Nachmittag, zuhause in Neukölln”, 1995, 
Latexballon / Luft/ Künstler/ Wohnraum, Dialeuchtkasten, 

“Unterwegs”, 1996, Latexballon / Luft / Künstler / Auto, Dialeuchtkasten 

H.H.Bleistift/Tintenstrahldruck auf Papier, 42×29,7cm

H.H. Bleistift/Aquarell auf Papier, 48x33cm

lok vok 3 part video clip #8

Trembled Blossoms

Posted: April 4, 2008 in creativity

via Boing Boing I just discovered Hi-Fructose, a brilliant online arts magazine. On it, the first item I saw was a magic little video by James Jean + Prada called ‘Trembled Blossoms’ – with music by my favourite duo Coco Rosie. James Jean wrote the treatment and story for the film, created finished style frames, designed the characters, and roughed out 75 or so storyboards for which the very talented Jared Purrington helped finish and render in watercolor.

My Name is Lisa

Posted: March 26, 2008 in creativity

Last year I posted a YouTube clip called Black Button, an Australian short film. Today I found out, thanks to my firend Harry’s blog, that it became one of the finalists in the short film section of the 2007 YouTube Video Awards. Harry also posted the winner – see above.